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How Much Does SR22 Insurance Cost?

Got a great question from a reader today, asking how much does an SR22 certificate cost? That is hard to explain, but let me try.

The SR22 certificate is just like a bond, you are informing your insurance company that you have been convicted of a DUI offense and you are a much higher risk than the average driver…because you might do it again, or so they think. Nothing bad against you….ok.

So, how much was your insurance coverage before hand? That price is going to change drastically now. You will need to get the SR22 certificate issued from your carrier, then submit it to your DMV so they have it on file that your insurance was in fact notified of your high risk and must remain in effect until your probationary period is over…usually 2 years or so.

The actual certificate can be anywhere from $50 – 500 depending on if this is your first DUI conviction or not. The price you will pay for the actual insurance coverage can vary widely depending on many factors just like normal. Where you live, what kind of vehicle you drive, your age, previous driving record, your credit score…etc.

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Best of luck to you!

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